BIO Packaging Films:

Quality – Competitive – Anywhere – Anytime

Our distribution channels provide our customers local and national value-added deliveries. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your company with quality products, competitive pricing, timely deliveries and exceptional service.

We Provide Film Solution For Your Specific Applications

If you require quality films

Whether your application calls for barrier,
coextruded or monolayer film, we offer our
customers the best products and the most
technical expertise in the business.

Monolayer Films

Our monolayer film will ensure that you get the right film at the right price. At the same time our monolayer film has basic structure and excellent roll confirmation, sealing properties and gauge control.

Our monolayer films are a cost-effective solutions for many applications, including:

  • Lightweight Frozen Foods
  • General-Purpose Pouches
  • Confectionery Packaging
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Surface-Protection Films

If you require quality plastic films

Co-extrusion Films

Coex films have up to 3 multilayer capability, which provides important redundancy and security of supply for our customers. Each of our lines is equipped with state-of-the-art blending systems and on-line controls to accurately monitor all aspects of film production, ensuring our customers receive the most consistent and highest quality films available in the market today.

If you require quality plastic films

Barrier Film You Can Count On

With multiple lines capable of making barrier films with up to 9 layers, we are one of the leading independent producers of barrier films. Our films protect products and minimize the migration of oxygen, liquids, oils, fats and aromas for enhanced shelf life.

Our multi layer barrier films offer the right solution for various applications, including:

  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Nuts and Fruit
  • Pet Food and Treats
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

If you require quality plastic films

Custom Films and Innovations

BIO Packaging Films continuously designs innovative film solutions. We work closely with the top resin and additive suppliers to select new resins to provide better films. Our knowledge of how unique additive systems work and interact with each other allows us to safely incorporate new additives into high-performance custom film solutions. We test new resins from our supply partners and make new formulations for our customers, allowing us to develop new films without large scale trials, thus creating custom solutions and long-term partnerships with our customers.

Technical Know-How

We are known for our technical excellence and customer service. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements for custom films are always met and exceeded. We provide custom flexible film solutions designed to help our customers grow their business.

Laboratory Capabilities

  • Hot Stage Microscopy
  • Digital COF Tester
  • Heat Sealer
  • Hot Tack Tester
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Offline Gauge Profiler
  • Photo-Microscope
  • FT-IR Spectrometer
  • Haze/Gloss Meters
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength
  • Dart Impact
  • Optical Density

Our equipment capabilities allow us to produce:

  • Blown Films
  • Cast Films
  • Extrusion Coating Films

Extrusion Equipment

We have built our business and our reputation by continually investing in the best extrusion equipment and systems available. Some of our equipment characteristics are:

Blown Film Equipment

  • Automatic Gauge Control
  • Multi-Component Gravimetric Blending
  • Oscillating Haul-Offs
  • Internal Bubble Cooling
  • ODs up to 48”
  • Widths up 3” – 75”
  • Gauge Range from 0.5 mil up to 10 mil
  • 2-Side Treat Capabilities

Cast Film Equipment

  • Monolayer and Multi Layer (up to 9-Layer) Co-Extrusion Technology
  • In-Line Conversion Capabilities: transverse/sheet perforations for tear off and needle perforations
  • In-Line Lamination
    (Extrusion Coatings)
  • OD’s Standard up to 48”
  • Width from 3” – 75”
  • Gauge Range from
    0.5 mil – 20+ mil
  • 2-Side Treat Capabilities

Sheeting capabilities are virtually in every configuration:

  • Lay Flat Tubing
  • Single Wound Sheeting
  • Center Fold Sheeting
  • Double Wound Sheeting
  • “J” Sheeting
  • “G” Tubing