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Our distribution channels provide our customers local and national value-added deliveries. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your company with quality products, competitive pricing, timely deliveries and exceptional service.

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Plastic products save and improve the lives of many people. The impact of lightweight plastic films that require less energy to manufacture, as well as use of recycled resin in our production, reflect how plastics are making a substantial positive contribution in our every day life.


Sustainability is an essential principal in new product development. We are consistently focused on the optimization of our product to reduce material usage and to manufacture with the environment in mind. We cooperate with our customers to provide alternatives in order to increase the utilization of recycled content.

  • We are creating a more sustainable future
  • We advance to protect what is important
  • We place focus on our products, partners and performance
  • Converting materials to more widely recyclable materials
  • Integrating the use of more sustainable materials in our product development process
  • Reducing product weight and resin requirements in our new and existing products

We also make environmentally friendly products:

  • Plant based bioplastic renewable films
  • Recyclable bioplastic renewable films

Did you know?

Just 2 pounds of plastic can deliver 10 gallons of a beverage. You’d need 3 pounds of aluminum, 8 pounds of steel, or over 40 pounds of glass to bring home the same amount.


We are committed to minimizing the impact of our production processes and products on the environment. We accomplish this through the commitment to constant improvement and by achieving compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements.


Maximizing energy efficiency


We are developing products for the circular economy


Minimizing waste in our manufacturing plant and finding new ways to utilize waste